Welcome to Rowdy Wrinkle

Hello, my name is Sherri Coner. I’m the founder of the Rowdy Wrinkles. Until I broke my wrist a few weeks ago while roller skating, I would have told you that I am the rowdiest of all wrinkles. But now I can’t possibly say that… at least not without hiding my splint.

I am a former social worker turned journalist turned freelance writer… can you tell that I get bored easily? I’m a single mother with one amazing adult son.

All of my life, I have hated anything predictable. I can’t stand living life by a clock. I have the speeding tickets to prove that I am incapable of driving slowly. I’m not a big fan of sleeping a lot, either.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been writing humor columns for various publications. Making people laugh is part of my life mission. Bringing people together is also important to me because fun…. well, if we aren’t enjoying our lives, why be here? An amazing magic occurs when laughter and kindness, unconditional acceptance and unpredictable moments are all mixed up. I am in love with those moments. That’s the biggest reason why I launched the Rowdy Wrinkles. But the second reason is that no one loves stories more than me. I know that many of you have amazing stories to share. And I want to help you do that.

Almost three years ago, I underwent bilateral mastectomy. Through breast cancer, another world was opened up to me. I know now, beyond any question, how much my life means to me and how much I want to squeeze every bit of wonderful out of every day. I want to spend my days doing what I love most, laughing and writing. So that’s my third reason for launching the Rowdy Wrinkles. Let’s fall in love with our lives together, over and over again!