Rowdy Roller Skating



Top left: Al Stanley, Terri Thorpe, Sherri Coner, Loye Legan. Bottom left: Tammy Cochran Seacat, Carolyn Blair, Carol Fleener.

Okay yes, some of the not-so-fun Wrinkles reminded us that we are in our fifties and sixties. Apparently, we have crossed that line between having fun and requiring emergency room treatment. But the rowdier Wrinkles accepted the challenge. Yes, we went roller skating. While Don Fleener, Loye Legan, Tim McDonald and Karla Payton-Zula zoomed around that rink like they owned the place, some of were not so lucky or athletically able. Even though Gary Cochran got off to an amazing start, he did eventually wipe out. That’s how he got bruises all over his back and butt. Determined Terri Thorpe gave it her best shot and never fell enough to mop the floor with her body, but she definitely did struggle. And I … well I managed to fall while standing STILL. Given my history with all things ungraceful, it’s not a shock that I fell backward while not moving one single muscle. I also broke my wrist! My injury was worth it, though!

Go big or go home!

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