Queen Wrinkle, Terri Thorpe


Queen Wrinkle, Terri Thorpe

Some people are always dependable, energetic and positive. And that is the category for Terri Thorpe of Greenwood. She is a very busy mom and grandmother who also works a full time job while squeezing in time with her boyfriend.

To list every single something this woman does would make the rest of us need a nap.

When several of the Rowdy Wrinkles went dancing, it was Terri who showed up at the bar hours early. Her mission? To guard tables like a rabid dog! Also that evening, she introduced a new Wrinkle to the group, her coworker, Mitchell Ton.

That evening, Terri told several Rowdy friends that she absolutely was not a dancer. She planned to sit with her boyfriend Al Stanley and her friend Mitchell and happily watch from the sidelines.

But then…the lights went low and the amazing music by Tastes Like Chicken grabbed Ms. Thorpe around her youthful heart. First our new Wrinkle Mitchell was on the floor, maybe in his own rendition of “Soul Train!” And suddenly, Terri threw caution to the wind!

She was ON that dance floor, shakin’ her groove thang like a TRUE Rowdy Wrinkle! So Terri, you are the very first Wrinkle to be identified as royalty!

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