Mail For Michael

mail for michael picI live 3000 miles from my children and two grandchildren. My oldest grandson, Michael, is 4 1/2. I sent him a card a couple of years ago and he loved it. My daughter even went so far as to put a small mailbox in his room. When I would send him a note, card or letter along with some other things in a box, she would put his mail into his ‘mailbox.’

I was able to spend this past Christmas and New Year with them and when I got home I sent 2 thank you notes. One to my daughter and son-in-law and one to Michael. Tony, Michaels younger brother, is still too young to get his own mail.

A couple of weeks after the thank you cards were received, my daughter put a card in his ‘mail box’. He came out of his room after finding the card and said “This isn’t real mail. I know it didn’t come from the mailbox outside.”

He was right. It was a card his great grandmother had handed her to give him. Michael just LOVES getting mail

I got a call the next day asking me to mail him a card a few times a month if possible. Now, I take my grandmother (or GiGi as I’m called) responsibilities very seriously. Of course, I’ve been sending a card about every 2 weeks or so. One of my recent cards had ice cream cones all over the front. Inside I had written that maybe he could go for Ice Cream with Mom and Dad. Sure enough when he got the card, the went out for ice cream. I got a text with a photo of him and the ice cream.

I’ve made cards with alligators, flamingos (a favorite of mine) and just silly stuff. He recently started playing T-Ball. The card above is going in the mail tomorrow. I will congratulate him on his 2 RBI’s and 2 scored runs last week.

It is a fun little thing that keeps me connected to Michael.

Snail Mail as it is sometimes called, is something that is slowly fading away. A simple note, I’m thinking of you, or thank you note often brings a smile to the recipients face. It doesn’t cost that much for the stamp and you can make your own card with regular printer paper. Heck you can even make an envelope for that matter, just Google it!

Surprise your loved ones either far away or in the same town with a little note. You never know what memories your are creating.

Here’s writing to you kid . . .

Frances Graziano Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved

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