Back In My Day

Back in my day, no one just lived together,

we planned a wedding and united in marriage.

We worked hard to save and build a home

long before we bought a baby carriage.

Mothers stayed home with the kids,

cooking healthy meals and keeping house.

Dinner was fresh, hot and on the table

to welcome home our tired spouse.

Fathers kept the yard and car in shape

and went to work eight hours each day.

The whole family sat down together

and before each meal we’d always pray.

We knew all our neighbors and their kids.

We planted gardens and shared what we grew.

We repaired, mended and recycled,

hardly ever buying anything new.

We played board games in the evening

in the time before TV.

There was no rat race to be run,

we were content as we could be.

Children went to school and learned,

there was no free lunch or detention.

We pretty much behaved ourselves

or the school got our parents attention.

Back in my day, the company you worked for

made goods and services here in the U.S.A.

Your job was secure right up to retirement

with health insurance and raises in pay.

Each family had only one car,

one bathroom shared by everyone.

No air conditioning to cool us off.

We made Kool Aid ice cubes just for fun.

Most homes had no telephone,

those that did were party lines of four.

No man had walked upon the moon,

our men were coming home from war.

There were no fast food restaurants.

Roller skates clamped to our shoes.

We sat around the radio to hear

Amos and Andy, Blondie, and the news.

Clothes got washed in wringer washers

and hung out to dry in the sun.

There were no swimming pools,

we ran through the sprinkler for fun.

Mothers sewed dresses for the girls,

Fathers usually cut the boys hair.

Grass was cut with a reel lawnmower,

no smog or carbon dioxide filled the air.

The coal truck brought coal to heat our house

and milk was delivered to our door.

Out in the country where we lived

there was a little country grocery store.

A gallon of gas was a quarter.

Some doctors still made house calls.

There was no such thing as computers,

cell phones, microwaves or Shopping Malls.

You might think we had it rough

but I’m afraid I have to say

people had respect for one another

and life was better back in my day!

Nancy Leake 7-8- 15 
copyright 2015 All rights reserved

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