See You At The Senior Center

One day we are playing tag, Ollie, Ollie, outs and free,

Kicking cans and riding bikes with band aids on our scrapped up knee.

The years flew by and here I am standing in line with this bunch

At our local Senior Center, waiting for a nice hot lunch.

It’s a cheap place for retirees, the food is bland with not much taste….

You get scolded if your plates not cleaned, they frown if there is any waste.

Potatoes straight out of a box, green beans mushy, dinner rolls hard.

The salad’s limp and the Jello’s warm, the meat tastes like it’s cooked in lard!

But when you’re on a fixed income and groceries cost way too much

You forego the fancy restaurants that gave you such a personal touch.

I can’t play ball or hike the trails, can’t ride a bike or afford a show.

I play poker now with pennies cause I don’t have very much dough.

Aches and pains have slowed me down, can’t bowl anymore, back’s too sore.

Even if I could lift the ball my mind’s befuddled and can’t keep score.

I get up to use the restroom but I can’t remember then

If I was coming or going so I sit back down again!

This isn’t where I want to be but here I am anyway.

Not much else that I can do but while away another day.

I know that you’re about my age and you’ll show up one day soon.

We’ll compare our illnesses while waiting for the lunch at noon.

See you at the Senior Center…bring your Tums and Gas-X too…

Cause you’re going to need them after lunch just as all the others do.

We’re not spring chickens anymore…we’re in the season of our winter.

So you may as well just accept it and join me at the Senior Center!!

Nancy Leake 8-15-11

copyright 2011 All rights reserved

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