Stained Glass in Motion

stained glass in motion picTiny creature

darting about.

Huge, disproportionate

Little Orphan Annie” eyes

mesmerizing and amazing me.

How much can you see?

You startle me

by appearing

in front of my face

without warning.

You pause there

allowing me

to observe you…

and then you are gone.

Did you find me

as wondrous

as I found you?

I felt a connection,

one perfect creation to another.

Time stood still

in our brief encounter.

You fly at great speed

or “hang” suspended

as a helicopter.

Able to fly

in any direction…

according to your whim.

You are unique…

I marvel at your

iridescent wings

like stained glass in motion.

The sun reflects

the many colors

like the windows

in a Cathedral.

And I am awe struck,

appreciating your beauty,

thanking the Creator

for filling my life

with the simple joy

of the dragonfly.

Nancy Leake 10-03-15

copyright 2015 All rights reserved

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