Care for Your Peepers

rw- eye healthWe have all heard the line, “Aging ain’t for sissies.” And the older we get, the more we find that statement to be miserably true instead of incredibly funny.

It’s not enough that women watch their butts and boobs fall while guys grow earlobe hair and man breasts, we also realize in our 40s that our eyes are wearing out.

Between doctor visits to check on heart health or arthritic knees, constipation or weight control, anyone over 50 can innocently forget that eye health is just as important as all the other rusty body parts.

According to, the following issues can be a natural part of aging or it may be a symptom of something much more serious.

Dry Eyes: If your eyes often burn or itch or seem to be more red than normal, the tear glands might not be properly working. Some eye doctors will suggest that you invest in a humidifier for your home. Others might prescribe a special eye drop to stimulate the tear glands.

Floaters: When you are in a well-lit room or you’re standing out in the sunshine, you might occasionally experience tiny spots or specks in your line of vision. Many times, this is completely normal. However, if you also see bright flashes of light along with the specks or those tiny specks or spots change, this could be a symptom of detached retina, which is an extremely serious condition.

Teary Eyes: If you find that your eyes immediately begin to tear in wind, temperature changes and in bright lights, invest in a pair of sunglasses.

Glaucoma: When the normal flow of watery fluid is somehow blocked between the cornea and the lens of your eye, your vision will be impaired. But also, the build- up of the fluid develops into pressure inside of your eye. This is called Glaucoma. Without treatment, your sight may be at stake.

Cataracts: If your overall vision seems cloudy or objects appear “fuzzy,” you may be experiencing cataracts. Once these are removed from the lens of your eye, your vision will be greatly improved.

Pay attention to eye health! Don’t delay.

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