Got Aches?

If you groan while exiting your bed or grunt when you bend over, if you sometimes say all the bad words you know while climbing stairs, do not feel like the Lone Wrinkled Ranger. According to Webmd, over 100 million Americans like us deal with all kinds of achy, painful moments.

In our younger days, most of us never gave it a second thought when we lifted heavy items. But now, it’s all come back around to haunt us. In fact, lower back pain is the most common source for chronic pain. It is usually linked to an old injury. But your pain might also be related to arthritis.

Headaches can also be the source of a bad mood. Caused by tension, dehydration, weather changes or eating chocolate, your best bet is to just go into nap mode until your head stops pounding.

Osteoporosis affects more than 30 percent of Rowdy Wrinkles. Sad. huh? Old Arthur wreaks havoc, from knees and toes to your neck and fingers.

Pain in or around joints is called tendonitis. Repetitive movement, such as a hardcore golf swing, can result in tendonitis in your shoulder or elbow joints.

Carpal tunnel is another culprit. When a nerve is pinched or inflamed, from your arm to your palm, you may feel a tingling, achy feeling in your fingers and wrist. Like tendonitis, this condition is also caused by repetitive movement.

As if this isn’t enough bad news for one day, you should also know that muscle fibers get less dense as we age. There’s no answer for that, either. It’s just part of the aging process.

All of these reality-based misery-inducing moments should only make you want even more to get as rowdy as possible!

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