On The Menu for Those Wrinkled Aches and Pains

We might hate it. But we need to pay less attention to chips and dip and more attention to healthy foods that fight off aches and pain.

One great pain stopper is Ginger. It fights off nausea. But also, ginger is just as potent for pain control as any over-the- counter drugs.

If you like blueberries, here is some great news. Phytonutrients in blueberries lessen inflammation and pain. Strawberries and oranges are also great fruits to add to your menu.

If you are experiencing a dull headache, grab yourself a handful of pumpkin seeds! What a great source for magnesium and a natural pain medication for migraines.

Because lots of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids are found in salmon, it is a wonderful staple for heart-healthy diets. Tuna, sardines and mackerel are also in that healthy category. But avoid tilapia and catfish since both promote joint pain.

Tart cherries and cherry juice are great for reducing joint pain.

Cooking with virgin olive oil also helps to reduce joint pain. But it also protects cartilage from breaking off joints.

If you don’t mind to set your mouth on fire, eat hot peppers. The “burn” in your mouth tricks the body into releasing endorphins to reduce pain.

If you cope frequently with bloating and cramping, use peppermint oil.

To reduce back pain, women should drink one glass of red wine. Men should consume two glasses of red wine.

So I wonder what the outcome might be with a bottle of red wine ad a straw?

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